Are You at Risk for Child Abuse?

woman looking stressedBeing a parent is hard, and every parent needs help from time to time.

  • Are your kids driving you crazy?
  • Do you yell at them a lot?
  • Are you stressed out?
  • Trouble paying the bills?
  • Are drugs or alcohol a problem?
  • Feeling hopeless and don’t know where to turn?

Abuse and neglect affect people of every age, race, and family income level. The majority of parents who abuse their children love their children, but many factors can lead them to do things they regret.

  • Trouble managing stress. Problems with work, money, or relationships put a strain on family life. If a parent or caretaker has trouble managing stress, it can lead to abuse.
  • A lack of parenting skills. Some parents might not understand how to care for a child's basic needs or they might have unrealistic ideas about a child's abilities and behavior. They might punish behavior that is natural for a child.
  • A history of abuse. Many child abusers were abused or witnessed abuse as children.
  • A problem with alcohol or other drugs. Alcohol and other drugs impair a person's ability to act as a responsible, caring parent. They can also make it harder to control emotions—especially anger.

These factors can be overcome, and abuse and neglect can be prevented. Don't lash out when you are angry with your child—instead:

When parents get help, there’s hope for kids.

How to Report Abuse

In Texas, you have two ways to report child abuse or neglect. [learn more]

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