Focus 15

Focusing on your child for just 15 minutes can make a big difference! Try these activities:

  1. Play freeze tag.
  2. Write a story to read at bedtime.
  3. Create a family book, with information and pictures about each family member.
  4. Be active together. Have a jumping jack contest. See how many you can do during commercial TV breaks.
  5. Create a fort in your living room out of blankets or cardboard boxes.
  6. Have a dance party. Let each family pick their favorite dance and have others follow along.
  7. Plant a flower or vegetable together.
  8. Practice writing this week's spelling words on a mirror with dry-erase markers.
  9. Have a sock puppet show.
  10. Clean and reorganize your child’s room as a team. Let them help decide where things.
  11. Make a superhero costume out of things you find around the house.
  12. Make a list of five reasons you are proud of your child and share it with them.
  13. Let your kids help with dinner. Make preparing the meal a fun time together.
  14. Have a sunset picnic outside.
  15. Go for a walk and explore the neighborhood.