Safe Sleep

Always Give Babies Room to Breathe!

Hundreds of Texas babies die in their sleep each year - suddenly, unexpectedly, and without a clear explanation or due to accidental suffocation or strangulation. That's why it is so important to always give babies "Room to Breathe."

The ABC's of Infant Sleep:

Safe sleep starts with giving your baby room to breathe at bedtime and naptime.

A Babies should sleep alone
Babies should sleep alone in a crib with no blankets or bedding, preferably in the same room as you.

B On their backs
Babies should sleep on their backs—not their sides or their tummies.

C In a crib and cool
The crib should have a firm mattress and tightfitting bottom sheet. Keep the room cool and dress your baby lightly.

S In a smoke-free environment
Secondhand smoke is bad for everyone, especially babies.

Questions About Safe Sleep

Sorting through facts and opinions can be hard when deciding how to put your baby to sleep.

Q. Won’t my baby be lonely, cold, or uncomfortable alone in a crib?
A. No. Infants sleep best in an empty crib. Bumpers, pillows, toys, and blankets make the crib unsafe for your baby.

Q. Why aren’t crib bumpers safe? A. Bumpers can cover a baby’s nose and mouth. Modern cribs do not need crib bumpers because the crib slats or openings are close together.

Q. Why can’t I share my bed with my baby?
A. Sharing a bed increases your baby’s chances of overheating and the risk of suffocation. Try putting your baby’s crib in your room, or use a bedside crib so he or she is in arm’s reach for feeding and comforting.

Q. Will my baby choke if she sleeps on her back?
A. No. Healthy babies have a natural reflex that lets them swallow and cough up fluids. Even older babies that can roll to their stomach should be put to sleep on their back.

Q. Can my baby sleep in a car seat or swing?
A. A car ride or swing can help a baby fall asleep, but move your baby to a crib once asleep. Small babies (under two months old) can't hold their head up and may stop breathing if they fall asleep sitting up.

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